Here's What 2014 Attendees Have To Say About       

The Teacher of the Year Leadership Summit:

“The TOY Leadership Summit is an amazing day of growth and inspiration for teacher-leaders. If we as lead teachers want to know how best to transform and grow our profession, this is where we learn how to do just that.” – Rebecca Mieliwocki, National Teacher of the Year

“Respectful, inspiring and empowering dialogue with like-minded educators.” – Martin Reisert, California Teacher of the Year 

“Awesome! Awe-inspiring! It is so incredible to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all working toward the same goals. I feel so full of encouragement and knowledge. Thank you!” – Crystal Ochoa, Poway Unified District Teacher of the Year

“Inspiring, empowering and validating! I would recommend this conference to any teacher-leader!” – Mike Brus, La Mesa-Spring Valley District Teacher of the Year

“The TOY Leadership Summit was so inspiring. Networking with my peers gave me new direction and purpose in my role as a teacher-leader! Thank you!” – Monica Rainville, Solana Beach School District

“Wish I could have brought my whole staff to this empowering and entertaining leadership summit!” – Gina Miller, La Mesa-Spring Valley District, Principal

“Spending a day surrounded by amazing educators was both humbling and inspiring – and nourishing!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great balance of professional and personal interactions and presentations.”

“I was expecting a seminar similar to the numerous ones I’ve attended in the past … but today worked to inspire me to be even more of a leader, see [my] worth and get it out there!”

“Thank you! I feel ready to change the culture at our school.” 

“Amazing. Extremely inspiring and motivating.” 

“Fantastic! The opportunity to collaborate, share, celebrate the role of teachers in supporting the educational needs of our students is invaluable. An inspiring day!” 

“This was an amazing day! Great speakers – so inspiring! I don’t think I can pick just one [favorite part]. All the topics were so on point for the issues in education today.”

“Attending the 2014 TOY Summit inspired my educational story to a completely different level. The Summit offered a full day of focusing on the aspect of education our profession rarely visits – our responsibility to be an active PR advocate in education!  I will plan to attend in 2015!” 

“Top notch, a lot of class, relevant, inspiring, incredible speakers. Thank you so much! I had an amazing day and felt appreciated, pampered and respected!”

“Inspiring, motivating, validating! A very positive experience!”  

“One of the best workshops/events that I have ever attended. I am walking away with strategies, ideas and new ways of thinking that I will employ in my educational life tomorrow! Thank you!” – Cindy Jackson, San Diego County Teacher of the Year

“The TOY Summit provides participants with highly-practical content, amazing presentations and abundant opportunities to network with some of the greatest leaders in education. Every Teacher of the Year needs to attend this event. It’s a game-changer.” – Dr. Danny Brassell, “America’s Leading Reading Ambassador” 

“Just awe-inspiring. A day well-spent. What an honor and privilege to attend an event with so many edu-superstars! I’ll be back.” – Mike Skocko, Grossmont Union High School Teacher of the Year 

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a seminar/workshop that has been so inspiring. … What an invaluable experience – to learn, to laugh, to play. You have inspired me to move forward in my life/career.”   Jim March, Pioneer Elementary School Teacher of the Year

“Coming into today, I had no idea what teacher leadership meant to me, but after listening to today’s speakers I feel better equipped to start my journey of being an effective teacher-leader.” – Anthony Bayro, San Diego County Teacher of the Year

 “Often, teachers look for ways to advance in their careers, yet are adamant about being in the classroom and maintaining connections with their students. This conference offered ideas to do just that. Many thanks!”  Aida Jarrett, Sweetwater Union High School District Teacher of the Year

“I felt very honored to be a part of a day filled with so many great educators – both those presenting and those attending.  It inspired me to redirect and full-speed ahead!” 

“What an amazing collection of personalities, passions, and professionalism. This was inspiring and empowering! … Each presenter was amazing and fabulous!  Having very practical tips to use tomorrow and past tomorrow is incredible.  … And the graphic organizer – phenomenal!”

“This was sooo wonderful – a great, interactive forum for re-inspiring leadership and networking with one another.”

“The TOY Leadership Summit is a MUST for the movers, shakers and leaders in education!”

“Every guest speaker was fantastic. I have come out of here so inspired to be a great teacher-leader. So many great tips!”

“A wonderful opportunity to connect with others and talk about leadership. The sessions were fantastic. Thank you for putting this together!”

“Thank you so much! Such an inspirational event!” 

“I felt hesitant to come, but I am leaving inspired and feeling valued. Best use of my time in a long time!”

“Awesome! The Summit addressed all areas of teaching. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”  

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